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Multimo satelite dish  

Multimo satelite dish

 The Multimo is one of the best selling portable satellite dishes in the U.K., its compact size and ease of use making it an ideal satellite dish for mobile use.

With any satellite dish designed for mobile use, one of the most important factors is how it’s fixed in position. The Multimo can be mounted in the following ways:

♦ On a tripod, jockey wheel or pole. (a U-clamp is supplied)
♦ Using a magnet (available separately)
♦ Using a suction mount (available separately)
♦ Free-standing on a table or a stool , (a G-clamp is supplied)
♦ If you are mounting on a vertical pole, e.g ladder / cycle rack or tripod, we highly recommend use of an e (available separately)

No other satellite dish has all these mounting options.

Although it only measures 40cm in diameter, the Multimo has the performance of a 55cm satellite dish and can be used over the whole of Europe. It will receive all U.K. TV channels all over England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland and over most of France.

The Multimo has a base unit and can be simply placed on a table or clamped to a shelf or step. If preferred, the dish can be removed from its base and clamped to a pole or tripod mount.

If used with a Zehnder satfinder and in accordance with the instructions supplied, it should take no longer than a few minutes to set the system up and be receiving satellite TV.

The Multimo portable satellite dish is suitable for use with both analogue and digital transmissions and can be used with any satellite receiver including SKY digiboxes.

Our Price: £169.20

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