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Fiamma Bi Pot 30

Fiamma Bi Pot 30

This portable toilet makes use of a piston pump flush action. What this means is that it effortlessly helps to keep the toilet bowl clean at all times.

The toilet seat is both comfortable and wide.

The flushing action makes use of freshwater, while the waste tank is easy to empty. That's because it has a large cap.

You won't have to struggle with any drainpipe or clogging problems.

Solid, effective and hygienic

This is a self-contained unit that makes use of fresh water. It can be completely dismantled, allowing for comprehensive cleaning.

It boasts a large waste pipe, ensuring that it can be emptied very easily. The Fiamma Bi-Pot 30 is all about maintaining hygiene standards with minimal effort.

The two tanks are tested to ensure that they maintain a perfect seal. This model has side clips, which allow you to easily separate the two tanks.

Using the Bi-Pot 30

This is a portable toilet that has a number of uses. Most obviously, it's proved popular with camping enthusiasts and caravan owners.

It's a great budget model, boasting all of the basic functionality that most people need.

 * Upper tank: 10L
* Lower tank: 11L
* Weight: 4.1kg 
* Dimensions: L:43.5cm x W:34cm x H:30cm

Our Price: £49.95

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