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70 Watt Solar Panel  

70 Watt Solar Panel


The 70 Watt Amperor Flexi Series is an efficient solar panel, produced to the highest standards using automated production facilities combined with advanced cell processing technology.

The end result is a highly efficient module mono-crystalline silicon cell module with conversion efficiency of the Amperor solar cells reaching up to 14%. In short, this is an excellent 70 watt solar panel to charge your batteries. The panels are particularly suitable caravans, mobile homes, boats and wherever space is feasible as they can be mounted on slightly curved surfaces, they are extremely robust and are practically theft proof when bonded down.

  • A sturdy, anodised panel with mounting holes to match the industry norm enables easy installation on currently available mounting structures
  • High efficiency mono-crystalline with conversion efficiency up to 14%
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Dimensions 1000 / 600 / 4 (mm)
Electrical Specifications
Max Power         70W ±5% [66.5~73.5W] -0.47%
Optimum Power Voltage       17.4V ±5% [16.53~18.27V] -0.38%
Optimum Operative Current       4.02A ±5% [3.82~4.22A] +0.04%
Short circuit current       4.32A ±5% [4.10~4.54A] +0.04%
Open circuit voltage       21.9V ±5% [20.81~22.99V] -0.38%
Conversion efficiency       14%
Test Coditions       1000W/m2 ,AM=1.5@ 25°C

Dimensions & Weight
Length:          1,000 mm       Width:             600 mm       Height:                4 mm       Weight:                4 Kg      
Left Indent:       25mm       Right Indent:     25mm       Upper Indent:     25mm       Lower Indent:     25mm      

Our Price: £389.95

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